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Helena Meyer's Pure Perfection Natural Skin Care Products
A true breakthrough in restoring skin elasticity and tone.

The Helena Meyer Company offers its collection of the world’s finest natural skin care products to enhance the beauty and youthfulness of the skin, and nourish the whole body. The extraordinary anti-aging properties of Helena Meyer moisturizers, serums, tonics and cleansers are unsurpassed. Deep rooted toxins and free radicals, the cause of aging, are removed through the application of these wonderful products. Helena Meyer products are made from the purest certified organic and wildcrafted herbs, oils, and essential oils that are blended in accordance with the founder’s family tradition of naturopaths who served the royal court of Austria for centuries. The moment you start using Helena Meyer products you will see and feel the difference, and discover what sets Helena Meyer apart from other companies, and what customers have come to expect for over 20 years.

New Breakthrough! Helena Meyer now brings you anti-aging skin care products for the regeneration of the whole body. Check out these wonderful products below!

For the Face

Together, these two products work wonders!

Cell Regenerating Cream

An anti-aging treatment for all ages! Removes toxins from skin cells. Nourishes the skin. Restores elasticity of collagen responsible for youthful and healthy skin. ...tell me more >

$32.00 - 1 oz. Qty:

Cell Regenerating Serum

This highly regenerating serum is designed to magnify the anti-aging effect of the treatment. It is applied before the Cell Regenerating Cream, and together, the most powerful anti-aging program begins to work wonders!
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$28.00 - 1/3 oz. Qty:
For the Body

Stretch Marks Treatment

Customers report that even old stretch marks disappear in time with regular application of this treatment. ...tell me more >

$28.00 - 4 oz. Qty:

Thigh Slimmer & Cellulite Treatment

The name says it all! Our customers report great success with this treatment! ...tell me more >

$22.00 - 4 oz. Qty:
For the Feet

Miracle Foot Treatment

In ancient times a woman was not considered beautiful unless she had beautiful feet. Taking care of your feet is thus not only rewarding aesthetically, it also contributes to your general well-being. Why do we call our foot cream “Miracle”? It is because it not only rejuvenates the feet — it brings well-being to the entire person. The regenerating and stimulating herbs enliven the reflex points on the feet that connect to organs and systems in the body. This brings vitality to the entire being. This cream is a favorite among professional foot reflexologists.

A blend rich with organic oils, herbs and therapeutic essential oils make this cream a true miracle for transforming rough and calloused feet into soft and beautiful feet.
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$18.00 - 1 oz. Qty:
$28.00 - 2 oz. Qty:

Helena Meyer endorsed by the Organic Consumers Association

In 2003, the Helena Meyer Company received an endorsement from the Organic Consumers Association, the main watchdog organization for the organics industry. To meet the strict organic standards set by the OCA, a body care product must be at least 70% organic to be considered truly organic. Some companies claim to offer “organic” products, but hide the fact that very few of the ingredients are actually organic. In addition, these companies use synthetic ingredients in their formulations. There are absolutely no chemical or synthetic ingredients in any of Helena Meyer’s products — a fact that sets Helena Meyer apart from every other skin care company.

what our customers
are saying about
helena meyer’s
anti-aging products:

“After the first application (of the Helena Meyer Anti-Aging Program), the skin feels and looks softer, smoother. It has a natural blush for more circulation. Soon after applying it nightly, lines diminish. I see results even with deep lines, pigmentation and large pores. This is the most effective program I have ever encountered and the beauty of it is that it is totally natural.”
—Cynthia Laughlin, esthetician

Purchase both the Cell
Regenerating Cream

and Cell Regenerating
and Helena
Meyer will give you a
free bottle of Borage
Eye Oil
— an exquisite
treatment for
eliminating wrinkles
and crow’s feet — a
$20 value!

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