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Eye and Neck Care

The skin around the eyes and neck is very delicate and requires early attention in order to prevent crows feet and fine lines. We can never start too early to take care of the critical area of the neck — its anatomical structure requires highly regenerating, firming and nourishing active ingredients to prevent premature aging.

Regenerating Eye Cream

Our nourishing eye cream is a symphony of rich, organic oils and regenerating herbs, and aromatic carrot seed essential oil, and is a must for keeping the skin around the eyes from aging and for providing deep nourishment and regeneration to the eyes. The blend of highly regenerating oils, herbs and other natural ingredients makes this eye cream an extraordinary treatment for everyone over 40.


Organic rose hip seed oil, hazelnut, borage, mission olive, jojoba and evening primrose oil, purity certified castor oil, unrefined wheat germ oil (non-GMO), raw unfiltered honey, carrot seed oil, organic cocoa butter, pure natural bee propolis, essential oil of jasmine.


Apply a very small amount on skin under eyes. Pat gently into skin until all is absorbed.
Please note: use only a very small amount of cream so that all can be absorbed.

HM502 $34.00 - 1/3 oz.

Neck Treatment Cream and Oil

The skin of the neck requires special attention before it loses its firmness and elasticity due to the anatomical structure of this area. Our Neck Treatment Cream is formulated to prevent collagen damage and to repair tissue that has already been damaged.


(Cream) — Organic jojoba, mission olive, coconut oil, natural unrefined wheat germ oil (non-GMO), rose hip seed oil, organic bees wax, purity certified castor oil, organic coca butter, Raw unfiltered honey, organic thyme, sage, ginseng, turmeric, natural bee propolis,
Natural vitamin E, essential oils of thyme and sage.

(Oil) — Organic jojoba, organic mission olive, organic coconut oil, natural unrefined wheat germ oil (non-GMO), organic rose hip seed oil, purity certified castor oil, organic thyme, organic sage, organic ginseng, organic turmeric, natural bee propolis, natural vitamin E, organic essential oils of thyme and sage.


Apply a small amount of Neck Treatment Oil and massage into skin. Now apply the Neck Treatment Cream and massage gently into skin. Allow for complete absorption. To be used at night.

HM503 $42.00 - 1 oz., Oil 1/3 oz.

what our customers
are saying about
helena meyer’s
anti-aging products:

“I’ve seen skin wrinkles disappear after one (Anti-Aging) treatment. The elasticity seems to improve in every case and it seems like the collagen comes alive. Circulation improves and skin color becomes healthier. I love the smell, consistency and purity of the products. Most of the comments I receive from my clients are about how it improves the skin, creates a feeling of overall bliss and well-being, and that they will not give this up for anything.”
—Jamie Valentine, Esthetician, Durango, Colorado

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