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Body Care

The Helena Meyer Company has formulated body care products for your health and enjoyment. Some bring rejuvenation and relaxation to the whole body, while other products have been formulated to uplift the spirit and create a feeling of joy and happiness. Products have also been formulated to target specific problem areas such as cellulite and stretch marks.

Enjoy one or all of the following wonderful Helena Meyer Body Care products:

Relaxing Group
Happy Mood Group
Cellulite and Thigh Slimmer
Stretch Marks

Please note: The Relaxing Group and Happy Mood Group each consist of 4 products: an herbal body wash, sea mineral bath, herbal body cream and aroma oil.

what our customers
are saying about
helena meyer’s
anti-aging products:

“Helena Meyer skin care has visibly improved my skin texture after the first application: a smoother, more toned skin is apparent, with healthier color, better circulation, diminished lines, and an overall more ‘alive’ feeling and look. After awhile, even deep lines diminished. My clients love the naturalness and purity of the products, and I often hear comments like ‘they make me feel good and I look forward to my daily skin care routine’.”
—Cindi Ward, Esthetician, Peoria, Illinois