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Skin Firming Formula

To tone, firm and regenerate skin before aging sets in, we are proud to offer this incredible skin care product — the Skin Firming Formula. We have reports of even deep scars being lessened, and some say their scars disappeared! We are recommending this formula as a daily application before the moisturizer.


Organic rose hip seed oil, natural bee propolis, organic comfrey, organic gotu kola, organic evening primrose, organic ginseng, natural alpha lipolic acid, liquid vitamin C, CQ 10, organic gingko, organic essential oils of lavandin, organic lavender, organic blue chamomile, helichryssium.


Daily use: It is recommended that you first apply a little Lavender Floral Tonic. While the skin is still moist, apply a small amount of Skin Firming Formula on face and neck. Pat into skin until all is absorbed.

HM250 $26.00 - 1/3 oz.

Wrinkle Treatment

Dry and aging skin will appreciate this wonderful cream — rich with deep penetration properties, and synergized from the most advanced biological ingredients: organic, pure and fresh. Especially potent is the combination of the Wrinkle Treatment along with the Skin Firming Formula. It changes dryness into suppleness in days!


Organic jojoba, organic mission olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic rose hip seed oil, wheat germ oil (non-GMO), organic carrot oil, organic borage oil, pine nut oil, organic beeswax, organic cocoa butter, organic St. John’s Wort oil, organic gotu kola, organic sage, organic comfrey, natural bee propolis, organic oil of lavender vera, organic helicryssium, organic essential oil of carrot seed, jasmine essential oil.


For best results, apply one very small dab on each cheek, spray a little Floral Tonic on entire face and massage everything into skin. Use at night for advanced skin rejuvenation. Please note: it is important that you proceed exactly as instructed as this will create the right, light consistency and allow deep penetration, leaving the skin moist without oily film.

HM230 $36.00 - 1 oz.

Regenerating Honey Mask

For weekly use to regenerate, deeply hydrate and restore skin at the first sign of aging, we recommend our wonderful Regenerating Honey Mask. It is easy to use and it shows dramatic results quickly.


Weekly Use.

HM242 $28.00 - 1 oz.

what our customers
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“Since using Helena Meyer products my skin has firmed noticeably, fine lines have practically vanished, the color is healthy and radiant and my skin feels alive.”
—Carol Sheppman, San Diego, California

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